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How Understanding Career Coaching Can Help Your Practice or Consulting Business

My name is Ford R. Myers and since 1992, I’ve been helping clients take charge of their careers, create the work they love, and earn what they deserve.

My career coaching practice skyrocketed after the 2005 publication of The Ultimate Career Guide™ (now in its 8th edition). And with the current job market, career coaching has become one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic coaching disciplines of all.

I’d like to share this success with you, and help you create or grow your own career coaching practice using the same methods, tools, strategies, templates, and techniques that have made me (and my clients!) so successful.

You’re invited to join a select number of Ultimate Career Consultants™ who are certified to deliver this complete step-by-step career coaching system. The program is designed to help career coaches “supercharge” their businesses, and allow coaches from other niches to expand their practices to include career coaching.

Your #1 Job as a Professional Coach or Consultant

As a coaching or consulting professional, your top priority is to get more clients, keep more clients, and keep clients longer (while helping them to achieve their career goals, of course)!

And the only way to do that is to deliver your services in a way that provides clients with TANGIBLE VALUE. This is the key to a successful, repeatable, and referable business system.

A comprehensive career coaching system will earn you a very good living while also giving you much less stress, much more control, and a LOT more freedom and independence in your business – and in your life!

The Only Career Coach Training System that Can “Skyrocket” Your Income

Here are just a few examples of the tangible value you’ll deliver when you become a certified Ultimate Career Consultant™. Your clients will:

The Ultimate Career Guide

  • Create a crystal clear strategic roadmap for next steps in the career journey
  • Develop an exceptional portfolio of “self-marketing” tools, including all the documents and verbal statements to conduct an accelerated job search
  • Get more interviews and clearly stand out from the crowd – to consistently land on the “short list” of finalists
  • Ace the interview using little-known research tools and specialized question-and-answer techniques
  • Negotiate with ease for more money, better benefits, and enhancements in many other aspects of the offer
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What Exactly is a Career Coaching “System?”

It’s simple – a career consulting system has the following characteristics:

  • It’s a proprietary set of tools, procedures, and methods you use systematically with all your clients:
    • Like an airline pilot’s pre-flight checklist
    • Nothing is skipped; nothing is left to chance; nothing is forgotten; there are no “surprises”
    • Minimizes confusion and miscommunication
  • Provides a very high level of structure and accountability for your clients
  • Offers a step-by-step protocol filled with resources that clients can use – even when you’re not there

The Ultimate Career Consultants™ opportunity provides a comprehensive, proven system for you to follow – plus unlimited coaching and support. Everything is included, and nothing has been left to chance. Think of The Ultimate Career Consultants™ system as a “complete business in a box,” with everything you’ll need to succeed. It’s the only program of its kind – anywhere!

How Do Clients Respond?

In a word, they LOVE it. Using a proven career consulting system is a true win/win for your clients and for you. Here’s why:

Clients Love The Ultimate Career Guide System
  • The system gives you more control
  • The system gives clients more control
  • Clients don’t get discouraged or feel lost
  • Clients can chart their own course
  • Clients always see the next step in the plan
  • Clients set the pace, so they can choose to:
    • Speed up
    • Slow down
    • Revisit critical questions and tools as often as
      they wish

How Was The Ultimate Career Guide™ System Developed?

After working at all three of the major career management and outplacement firms, I learned first hand what worked, what didn’t and why. Eventually, I left to start my own career consulting firm, because I knew that I could develop a program that would help my clients in a much more powerful, meaningful and lasting way.

So, that’s exactly what I did, and the proprietary consulting process I created has consistently catapulted the careers of my clients to greater levels of success.

Over the years, I began to realize that I wanted to help more people than just the ones who were able to travel to my office to meet with my staff and me. I also wanted to help other Career Coaches who were just starting out – or who were already established and looking for a powerful, turnkey system they could use to drive their coaching practice to the next level.

I spent 15 years developing these career coaching processes and tools. Then I invested 18 more months and over $45,000 to “systematize” the program to the point where almost any client (with the right motivation, commitment, and follow-through) could use it to achieve their career goals. All this experience, knowledge, and track-record have been captured in The Ultimate Career Guide™ System, and now you can leverage it to generate the level of success you really want in your own practice.

Looking back to when I was starting-out as a Career Coach, a comprehensive, step-by-step system like this would have been absolutely invaluable to me. It would have cut years off my learning curve, and saved me tens of thousands of dollars in development costs. It didn’t exist back then for me, so I created it for YOU!

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How You Can Use The Ultimate Career Guide™ System

Career Consulting SessionAs a certified Ultimate Career Consultant, you’ll be able to use the system and all its materials:

  1. Individually with clients in one-one-one, intensive career coaching relationships
  2. In group training settings, including workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.
  3. As an in-depth methodology and “template” for the career consulting process (including all the exercises, tools, examples and forms you’ll need)
  4. As the basis for writing articles, creating presentations, conducting teleseminars, and delivering audio programs
  5. As a “roadmap” to establish and build a successful career coaching business

Remember, there’s no need to spend months or even years developing your own career coaching system and materials – the work has already been done for you! For a one-time, very reasonable investment, you’ll receive the complete program, training in how to use the system, and a lifetime license. Leveraging this material, you’ll be able to do in-depth career consulting, offer career seminars, conduct career teleclasses or webinars, and sell premium career products – all of which will substantially boost your income and enhance your credibility as a career coach!

Not Sure if a “Systematic” Approach is Right for You?

Systematic Approach to Career Consulting
How would you feel about a doctor who:

  • Treated each patient with a different style, based on whim
  • Had no established protocols to work from
  • Took the patient’s advice on diagnosis and prognosis
  • Only provided treatments the patient asked for
  • Prescribed tests and drugs haphazardly
  • Didn’t use a reliable, consistent approach

Of course you’d feel very uncomfortable going to a doctor like this, so why should it be any different for your clients when they come to see YOU? Your clients will feel much more secure when they know that your career coaching is based on a solid, proven system. The bottom line is that using the programs and materials from The Ultimate Career Guide™ generates tremendous psychological value in the minds of your clients. Psychological value simply means that your clients will feel:

  • Much better prepared
  • Much more confident
  • Fully equipped for any future job search or career change

If your clients feel better about themselves, they’ll obviously feel better about having worked with you! Let me be very specific here. Factors that enhance perceived psychological value in your career coaching clients include:

  • Proven methodology
  • Credible tools and resources
  • Transfer of expertise “out of your head” and into their hands

Factors that decrease perceived value include:

  • Haphazard process (improvising, or “making it up as you go”)
  • Common, “everyday” tools (old photocopied samples, templates, instruction sheets, etc.)
  • Complete dependency on you as the Career Coach (instead of empowering your clients)
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The Hard Truth

Forget about just “being nice” – your clients don’t need a best friend or a “shoulder to cry on.” Sure, you’ll always be supportive and helpful, but what your clients really need is results and a system to follow.

Even if your current approach is working OK, you’ll be much more effective when you take your clients through this in-depth, proven system – as opposed to merely “counseling” them the same old way.

Most importantly for you, using this system allows you to make money with your expertise, processes, tools and materials – not just with your precious time and energy! Would you rather sell your time (which is very limited), or leverage a highly effective system (with no income limits?)

Outcomes for Career Coaches Using This System

When you integrate a turnkey career coaching system like The Ultimate Career Guide™ into your practice, you’ll notice several things start to happen almost immediately. This system:

  • Attracts better clients
  • Commands – and justifies – higher fees
  • Generates more referrals
  • Makes it easier to retain clients longer
  • Moves you from having satisfied clients to having clients who “rave about you”
  • Builds your reputation as a vital career resource
  • Allows you to expand your business by hiring and training other coaches

Progress is Critical

Most career coaching clients openly admit that they feel a bit “lost.” They need a blueprint. And to stay energized and motivated, they need to be able to see tangible, measurable progress every day and every week. With The Ultimate Career Guide™ consulting system:

  • You can say, “Look at how far you’ve come”
  • There will be relentless focus on forward movement
  • Clients will feel totally justified in investing in your program!
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Complete Career System for Coaches and Consultants

The Ultimate Career Guidetraining and certification program gives you:

  • A comprehensive “hands-on, how to” Summary Overview for your clients’ career success
  • An A-to-Z resource packed with step-by-step strategies and tactics that your clients can use immediately
  • A “road map” that shows exactly what to do and how to do it
  • Specific guidelines on what to say and how to say it
  • A complete career coaching business model, including tools, templates, samples, forms, exercises, etc.
  • Not only theory, but also practical application and implementation
  • A detailed “checklist” that guides you step-by-step through this career coaching system with every client

What Do I Get as an Ultimate Career Guide™ Licensee?

Licensed Ultimate Career Guide ConsultantAs I mentioned, the program is 100% complete, and you get everything you need to start using The Ultimate Career Guide system with your own clients. Indeed, the Ultimate Career Consultants™ certification program enables you to quickly create your own successful business or practice in the career coaching field.

Here’s what you get when you become a certified Ultimate Career Consultant™:

1. Four Training Tutorials (mp3 format). It’s like sitting down with Ultimate Career Guide™ creator Ford R. Myers for personal coach-the-coach training sessions. Listen to hours of detailed consulting guidelines and techniques that will help you quickly master the entire program and integrate all the material into your practice.

2. Website promotional copy. You get pre-written website copy that you can simply “drop into” your existing website, telling clients all the benefits of working with you using this proven career success system.

3. Professionally produced binders complete with forms, tools, assessments, templates, and samples to use with your clients. You may order physical binders directly from us – or you may arrange for your own duplication and fulfillment using your licensed electronic version of The Ultimate Career Guide™.

4. Use of The Ultimate Career Consultants logo and brand identity. You’ll receive logo graphics for web and print to certify that you are a licensee of The Ultimate Career Guide™. You may use these graphics on your website and all other marketing materials.

5. An official certificate, designating you as a Licensed Ultimate Career Consultant™. This attractive document will be signed personally by The Ultimate Career Guide creator, Ford R. Myers – and you can hang it in your office for your clients to see.

6. Comprehensive, on-going training and support. In addition to the audio tutorials listed above, you’ll get personal coach-the-coach training sessions with Ultimate Career Guide™ creator Ford R. Myers. Best of all, this mentoring and support is unlimited – for as long as you remain an Ultimate Career Consultant™.

7. Ultimate Career Consultants teleseminars. Four times a year, you’ll be able to participate in a conference call with The Ultimate Career Guide™ creator Ford R. Myers on a topic of special interest to licensees. Sample topics include coach “hot seat” sessions, open Q&A, proven marketing tactics, and advanced career coaching skills.

8. Ultimate Career Consultants™ Blog. You’ll have access to our Blog, which features a wide range of articles on career management and job search. These articles are available for you to use in your marketing, your newsletter, your website, your own Blog, or in any other appropriate manner. This resource helps you establish your “expert status,” and consistently builds your credibility in the field.

9. And many more powerful, value-added resources! (Click here for a full list)

Everything listed above is included in your one-time licensing fee. The Ultimate Career Consultants™ program is just like a proven franchise – but WITHOUT the royalty payments, franchise fees or legal requirements! After your initial investment, you’ll NEVER incur any additional costs. No renewals, no fancy upgrades, no gimmicks. This is truly a one-time investment for a lifetime certification.

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Career Consultants

What is my Investment to Become a Licensed Ultimate Career Consultant™?

Your Ultimate Career Consultant™ certification could pay for itself with the first two or three clients you use it with! Typical fees charged by professional Career Coaches look like this – and yours could be much higher:

  • 1-month program: $750 to $1,500
  • 3-month program: $3,500 to $5,000
  • 6-month program: $6,000 to $8,500

Your total investment to become a lifetime Certified Ultimate Career Consultant™, with all the privileges, resources, training, support and revenue-generating tools listed above, is only $12,500.

Show Me the Money!

Let’s take a look at your return-on-investment in The Ultimate Career Guide training and certification program.

Assuming you charge $3,500 for a 3-month career coaching program:

  • Get 5 additional 3-month clients using the system – ADDED INCOME: $17,500

Assuming you charge $7,000 for a 6-month career coaching program:

  • Get 3 additional 6-month clients using the system – ADDED INCOME: $21,000
  • Product sales (10 sales per quarter at an average of $49) – ADDED INCOME: $1,960
  • Revenue from reselling 30 client binders at $72 mark-up – ADDED INCOME: $2,160
The totals above are impressive. In your first year alone, you could conservatively add more than $42,000 in new revenue for your one-time investment of just $12,500! And that’s just the beginning …

I won’t even bother calculating the following sources of potential revenue you could enjoy once The Ultimate Career Guide system is in your hands! You could earn:

  • Professional speaking to associations or corporate groups: $1,000-$5,000 per event
  • Group coaching programs in person or via conference calls: $500-$1,500 per person
  • Webinars or teleseminars: $50-$200 per person
  • Outplacement consulting for organizations: $2,000-$7,500 per employee
  • Career transition workshops for companies: $1,500-$7,500 per program
  • Multi-day career trainings or weekend retreats: $750-$2,500 per person
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Who is Ford R. Myers?

Ford R. Myers, President of Career Potential, LLCFord R. Myers is President of Career Potential, LLC. Since 1992, he has been providing professional services in career consulting, executive coaching, and assessment. Ford is also a speaker and author of “Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring,” published by John Wiley & Sons.

Ford has served on the staffs of three prominent career management firms – Right Management Consultants, Manchester, and Lee Hecht Harrison, where he was Vice President, Director of Professional Services.

After helping thousands of clients take charge of their careers, create the work they love and earn what they deserve, Ford created The Ultimate Career Guide, the only comprehensive system for career management and job search. This system later developed into the Ultimate Career Consultants™ opportunity.

Ford’s education includes: a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development. He is a Certified Executive Coach, and has studied extensively with National Training Laboratories and The Coaches’ Training Institute.

His articles have appeared in many major newspapers and national magazines. He has also been a featured guest on radio networks and television programs, including NBC-TV, Fox-TV, ABC-TV, CBS-TV, Comcast-TV, National Public Radio, Clear Channel Radio Network, CBS Radio Network, ABC Radio Network and Infinity Radio Network.

As an established thought-leader in the Career Development field, Ford is now committed to helping others achieve their potential and maximize their business success as professional Career Coaches! For more information about Ford’s professional background, click here.

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