Why Becoming a Licensed Ultimate Career Consultant™ is Your Best Choice

You want to become a successful Career Coach as quickly and painlessly as possible. You have three options: (1) become a certified Ultimate Career Consultant™; (2) choose another program; or (3) go it alone. The following information outlines why becoming a licensed Ultimate Career Consultant™ is your best choice!

Ultimate Career
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Career Coach
Faster, easier development of your career coaching practice, with total supportA slower, unfocused approach with limited supportIsolation, alienation and wasted time/income
Master the Ultimate Career Consultant system, which will serve you and your clients for a lifetimeGive your clients standalone, photocopied job-search forms, tools, and checklistsNo system or program to follow consistently
Each of your clients gets a customized career coaching program, using proven tools and a well-defined systemCookie-cutter approach, or just a “shoulder to cry on”No consulting methodology (“wing it” each time)
In-person training boot camps, plus monthly training calls and follow-up accessLimited training time and accessNo accountability or expert coaching
Best possible value for your business investment, which pays-off almost immediately and over the long-termInvestment may be lower … but so is the value you receiveNo cost, except the money you lose every week in low prospect conversion, zero product sales, and less client success
Quickly produce positive, tangible, measurable results in your practiceUncertain progress; difficult to trackStagnation and “same old results"
Additional resources provided, such as articles, audio programs, marketing CDs, forms, templates, and much moreExtra resources usually cost more, if available at allPay out of your own pocket to write, produce, record, and distribute your own career tools … or no resources at all
Highest levels of integrity and honesty with the Ultimate Career Consultant systemOften get unrealistic, “get rich quick” promises and misrepresentationsTotally on your own; no one to partner with
A long, successful track-record of exceptional results with clients, and a reputation you can build onUncertain or questionable history with other programsNo proven credibility or tools to build your practice